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The simplicity of the one-piece swing-up wood garage doors remind you of the past. Windows are added to break up the strong vertical orientation of the design, creating the perfect complement to modern, traditional or rustic architecture.

Series RiverPointe™ wood garage doors
Model   Accordion
Number of Simulated Vertical Segments   2 segments
Heights   Sizeable heights from 6'6" to 10'6"
Widths   Sizeable widths from 4' to 18'6"
Top Bucks   Available
Decorative Bucks   A-Bucks, V-Bucks, X-Bucks, Horizontal Bucks, Vertical Battons
Surface Millwork Options   4" or 6" V-Groove (Cedar), 4" Bead-Board (Cedar), Flush (MDO)
Finish   Paint-grade, Stain-grade (natural/no finish), Stain-grade (natural/no finish/Western Red Cedar)
Glass Type   Clear 1/8" DSB, Clear insulated, 3/16" Water Glass
Number of Lites Across   Single-Car: 2 or 4; Double-Car: 4 or 8
Pane Pattern   1-pane, 2-pane, 3-pane, 4-pane, 2-over-2, 3-over-3, 4-over-4 (2 & 3 lites across only), 9-pane prairie
Track/Hardware Finish   Galvanized (standard), Antique Copper, White or Black powdercoated (optional)
Decorative Hardware   Blind hinge, Hinge strap, Pull strap, Clavos, and Slide Bar Latch
Track   Normal headroom (requires 18" to install door and opener); low headroom (requires 11" to install door and opener)
Section Warranty   The garage door sections are warranted for two (2) years from date of delivery to original purchaser when registered.
Hardware/Springs Warranty   Galvanized: 1 year; Antique Copper, White or Black powdercoated: 2 years


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