Amarr 3040 - 1" Medium Duty Door

Polyurethane Insulation - R-Value 10.1


Energy efficient and economic. Lighter weight allows for easier handling and installation.

  • R-Value - 10.1
  • Steel Thickness - 0.012"
  • Panel Design - Pencil Groove
  • Steel Embossment - Stucco
  • Construction Layers - Three
  • Max Std Width - 20'2" (6.15m)
  • Max Std Height - 16'1" (4.9m)
  • Door Thickness - 1" (2.5cm)
  • U-Value - 0.099



Section Profile


Pencil Groove Panel

Pencil Groove Stucco Panel


Construction Detail

Amarr 2743

Steel + Insulation + Steel

Track: All Amarr Doors are available with both 2" or 3" track in Standard Lift, High Lift, Vertical Lift, Low Headroom, and Follow the Roof Pitch. Custom track configurations are also available. For drawings and more information, please contact us.

Hardware: Galvanized steel hinges and track brackets. All rollers have minimum 10-ball bearings.

Springs: Torsion springs are oil tempered, helical wound and custom computed for each door for a minimum 10,000 cycle life. Optional springs are available up to 100,000 cycle life.

Window Options


26 x 13 insulated


Colour Options



Amarr Colour Zone

Over 500 factory-applied colours available. See Colour Zone page for more information. Colour Zone options not shown in Door Summary.

The Door to Quality

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