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Guardian™ Fire Doors promote achievable standards for drop test compliance by making the job safe, understandable and simple for everyone. Simple test fire doors are our standard for chain hoist and motor operated doors.

A Feasible Investment

Selected most often for practical drop test compliance and assuring positive crisis response, Guardian™ Fire Doors deliver reliable, predictable and repeatable results.

An Exceptional Choice

The National Fire Protection Association and other model codes recommend frequent drop testing of fire doors to assure a continuous state of operational readiness. C.H.I. strongly promotes these recommendations with the Guardian’s™ advanced design features:

  • Safe, simple, inexpensive and repeatable drop testing is now made possible in any facility with a flip of a handle.
  • No ladders, tools or equipment are required to drop test and reset Guardian™ Simple Test Fire Doors.
  • Drop speed is governed by a quiet, centrifugal brake to between 6" to 24" per second.
  • Gear reduced chain hoist operation is standard, efficient and economical.
  • Manual push-up operation and fail-safe motor operation is optional.
  • 165 degree fusible links are provided as standard detection/release devices.
  • U.L. Labels are provided from 3/4 hour to 4 hour for labeled and for oversized doors.
  • Guides mount to approved masonry, steel and sheetrock jambs.
  • Upward-expanding guides may be welded to approved steel jambs.
  • Fail-safe time delayed releases, smoke detectors and audible and visual warning systems are optional.
  • Installation time is reduced significantly due to elimination of complicated release assemblies.
  • Curved or flat slat profiles are offered in pre-painted or powder coated options.

The Door to Quality

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